About us

About us

Smart transport is an private company, that is always getting better and improved to the highest level of trust, speed and quality of the shpiments and also further more we are open to your questions for our section of transport and delivery of goods.On us can rely all the companies that have need from professional delivered transport and long-term collaboration with exchanged trust.

Deeply rooted is the understanding of Smart Transport for forming strong realations with our clients and with our partners where the trust is on a highest level.
The service towards our clients is the basis of Smart Transport, we are listening reflecting and thinking about the shippings of our clients.

With our years experience in offering services to many local and international companies, we have focus to satisfy our clients, building partnership on a long-term basis, we deserve reputation of a very good company and exceptional service.Delivery right on time, fast reply to your requrements, on-time-planning and coordination, dealing with unexpected situation is our job!

We have good reputation when in comes to our clients, as an trusted supplier.
We built strong realations with our clients. We expended our services accros the Balkans and across we built partnership with some of the best logistic companies, we brought the market more close to our clients.Without doubt you can trust us, Smart Transport is ready to meet your requests and to get solution for any of your questions.

Our focus is upon your job!