Customs procedures for import, export, transit and re-export of goods

Procedures for IMPORT CUSTOMS (Import of goods)

1. The importer must primarily be registered for work in the foreign trade operations and in the Register of the Customs Administration of the Republic of Macedonia.

2. An import invoice for the goods that are customs is necessary
the invoice must contain the correct details of the goods being imported;
if it uses the preferential rates to have it properly filled;
– DECLARATION by the Exporter in accordance with the provisions of the Agreements of the Republic of Macedonia with the respective country of import;
The list of deliveries in accordance with the provisions of INCOTERMS 2017 is clearly underlined
– list of quantities of goods and their packaging (packing list)
– international road or air freight bill
– appropriate documents of origin of the goods

3. Power of attorney to the representative
it is a ready-made form that can be downloaded electronically from or obtained by any customs agent in two original copies for each Customs office separately and is verified in its own archive
a copy of the current situation of the legal entity issued by the Central Registry of the Republic of Macedonia is not older than 6 months.

6. If the goods in kind require certain trade policy regimes, for example licenses from certain ministries, agencies or their bureaus specified by the Customs Tariff Law itself, so as not to keep the vehicles transporting the goods at the border crossings, and It creates unnecessary expenses such as auto days should be made to the appropriate institutions and these institutions give you appropriate permits beforehand.

7. For each commodity representing food, food additive, food preparation machines, vessels and everything that is in contact with food, an organoleptic examination is required from the professional services of the Ministry of Agriculture – Food Directorate, the documents for which we prepare we, but for which it is necessary to have the following documents:
LCT sheet for the legal entity Importer
list Certificates of quality issued by the competent health service of the country Exporter
leaf samples – which the sanitary inspector takes for analysis and for which they issue a Minutes.
list For the timely issuance of an import license, it is necessary to submit the documents one day earlier.

6. For each commodity that is imported, a review is required from the Market Inspection Department of the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Macedonia. In this case, it is necessary for the goods to have a separate declaration in Macedonian according to the law by the sender in each individual sample.
– For the technical goods, it is necessary to have in each package a INSTRUCTION for working with the appliance, data for authorized service and a certificate in Macedonian language, prepared according to the conditions given in the Law. If this is not done, then the goods are unloaded under customs supervision at a public customs warehouse where, with a separate application, it is possible to attach such declarations and insert the other aforementioned documents into the packages.


If the goods are a raw material or a basic asset for a known buyer, then it is necessary to submit a declaration in a form for which the customs agents will inform according to the type, quantity, as well as according to the manner in which the goods and the document number, ie the invoice with which it is arrived arrived.
After collecting the necessary documents, a customs declaration of import is made, after which the obligations to the state should be paid in order for the goods to be released for free circulation.

IMPORTANT NOTICE !!!: For each commodity, the importer should inform the customs agent about the type of goods and prepare a translation of the invoice on which the documents will be prepared.

*** So far, this is true for regular import of goods.

For all other types of imports, such as temporary import, inward processing, etc. The conditions are dictated by the Customs Law and you need to consult your customs agent.


1. An export invoice is required, indicating the goods that are exported – two copies for the Customs House and at least three for the carrier and the packing list (lots and weight – gross and net).

In addition to the goods, the invoice must contain:
sheet inscribed letter with letters,
sheet Parity of goods after INCOTERMS 2017,
sheet note that the goods are exempt from paying VAT in accordance with the provisions of Article 24.1 of the VAT Law
list Bank in which the goods consignor should execute the payment
If the invoice is not written in Macedonian then translation of the invoice is necessary for the needs of.

2. A consignment note (CMR) certified by the carrier and exporter with duly entered data in the required fields is required
3. It is necessary to clarify the possibility of customs clearance as explained in the explanatory note for importation.
1. This customs procedure shall be carried out when it is necessary to carry out transit of uncleaned goods which are accompanied by appropriate documents with an international road freight bill CMR, from one to another customs office in the customs territory of the Republic of Macedonia. To perform this procedure it is necessary to:

list The recipient of the goods shall be entered in the single customs register;
the goods shall be delivered with an appropriate invoice and a packing list
sheet guarantee for the transit of goods (which are owned by all freight forwarding companies with different amount of money).

2. The transit of goods, depending on the size and weight of the shipment, is carried out exclusively with vehicles that can be sealed in accordance with the customs regulations and who send the appropriate transit customs declaration ie the T1 document (accompanying document) and the necessary international road freight list CMR.

3. The transit period from one to another Customs Office shall be 24 hours and if the carrier does not appear to the customs office of destination within that period, Customs Offenses shall follow.

4. To carry out this procedure, data for the carrier are required:
registration of a means of transport, name and surname of the carrier and passport number.


1. This procedure is carried out when goods that are not censored are sold, which are accompanied by appropriate documents and an international road freight bill CMR, which is brought to Macedonia by a foreign exporter for a Macedonian company, to a foreign buyer.

The following documents are required:

sheet transit customs declaration T1 (accompanying);
list for sale of the goods from the Macedonian exporter to the foreign buyer, which should be greater than the letter sent by the foreign exporter for the Macedonian company and
sheet corresponding international cargo bill

The re-export can be carried out directly on the truck (if all the goods in the truck are destined for the re-export) or, if the goods have already been unloaded, under customs supervision. If, within 20 days after being unloaded under customs supervision in a customs warehouse, the re-export procedure has not been carried out, then the goods in the customs warehouse, if they have a permit, are transferred to the IMA-7 document or placed for longer storage under surveillance in customs warehouse. In that case, in order to re-export the goods it is necessary to make an export-transit customs declaration instead of just a transit declaration.