Aggregated transport with truck

Our specialty is aggregated transport from the EU countries to the Republic of Macedonia, of palletized good and unpalletized goods.We are doing shipments of whatever kind of load.We help our clients, regularly to get improved with their transport networks to get better in comparison of their competitors, giving them tools and conditions for faster and better growth and delivering of the goods and products to the market.

Every week we organize transport of palletized and unpalletized goods on a realation Bulgaria-Macedonia-Bulgaria with two departures with our own truck (7.2ldm/4.5ton)with an hydraulic pad.

Our services require:
·Aggregated transport on the territory of entire Republic od Bulgaria,
· Take over of shipments right after confirmation that the truck is ready to load,
· Posibilities for forwarding services
· Storage of goods as service

Our team is always at your service, we can help you with faster and high quality delivery at good prices.We are always open for your questions regarding our field of transport.